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Water stopped flowing

ATM, water stopped flowing (at least in Darklands). I thought it's a lag issue -- no, other in-game mechanics looks working, but water (I didn't check lava, I have no one at hand) doesn't spread.

Can it be fixed?

Does anyone else experience this issue? If this is really a server issue it would be super-weird.

I have no problems with water that i can report in my ice kingdom area.

i take back what i said a week ago, i cannot place water in my kingdom area.   I can place the water but it does not appear it seems to be disapearing after the placement.

ok edit to this post my mistake made an error ignore this post, cannot delete it so putting this instead

can you please get someone else when you do that standing next to you and check if they see it the same way?

If it's normal for them, the issue is on your client.