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We live in strange times !

With COVID 19 spreading thru the world I hope all Uncovery peeps and their families are safe and healthy.


Doing well here! My work is nuts as well, and my fiance works in Health Care so I assume that between the 2 of us, its only a matter of time until one of us brings it home.

Everyone stay safe and I hope you all have supplies at home. Hope to see you all in game soon!

I am safe and well, currently curled up with a bunny and cat for company. Hoping that i can see family soon.

everyone gets huge virtual hugs

Everything is fine here as well. Hong Kong is relatively harmless, we don't have a complete lockdown and 99% of all infections are people who come back home to HKG and they are detected already at the airport or in the mandatory quarantine. Unless something stupid happens, hopefully we'll be back to normal in 2 weeks.

Me, and my relatives are safe, thank you.

I wish us all safety and health.