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Website Shop Manager Unexpected Link Behavior

Ever since I started using the shop manager, I noticed a few "quirks" in clicking some of the items. I always thought these were intended, but recently, I realized that these are probably bugs.

Problematic/Bugging Instances:

  • on "Shop" Tab.
    • Clicking any item brings me to the users list with a URL like this:
  • on "Deposit" Tab
    • Items now appear to have broken textures showing a ? mark or no image at all
    • The "Lottery" image doesn't seem to exist either
    • Clicking on any item brings me to this page with a URL like this:
  • on "Goods" Tab
    • Item textures appear to be broken
    • Clicking any item brings me to a page like this:
      • Nothing is wrong here, but the screen is quite pointless in my opinion (would be more useful if it directed to the page with the buy/sell prices)
      • I.e.:
  • Actually, it seems like ALL item image textures do not appear (maybe intentional? - even when I log in there are no deposit images)

I think the problem is just with the URLs getting mixed up on different parent pages (i.e. shouldn't have to process shop data on the server features page).

Hopefully these issues can be worked out!

Yeah, I need to fix the item icons. I am not sure why they broke now all of a sudden.

The ? means that the icon database does not know the item at all,  and I need to update it.

In my opinion, all the item icons are just cosmetic and not having item textures isn't too big of an issue. The biggest problem I have now is the one with the URL links being broken. Since all purchases are now seen through the person's forum profile, clicking on any item no longer shows me the price history or current offers like . Instead, it just redirects me to the "list of users" page, where clicking on an item in the history used to take me to a page the like the one above.