Voting Ratio: This shows how often a user has voted for the server on server lists compared to how often they logged in within the last 30 days. So if a user was here on one day and voted on one day, they get a 1. If someone did not login at all, they get a “n/a”. If someone logged in on 4 days but voted only once, they get a 0.25

Username: bouncinlancaster

UUID: 77335b82-a43a-4b02-986e-f8a1c9ef1153

Level: SettlerDonator

Karma: n/a

Money: 201.78 Uncs

Donations remaining: More than 1 year

Member since: 34 days

Offline since: 0 days

Bio: Formerly known as RDStewart1992. A previous (architect) citizen to the Uncovery server that specialised in expansive post-modernist architectural projects. After a long hiatus whilst at university to study architecture, I am back with bigger and bolder ideas for megaprojects. Back under a new name, I am currently working on Obsidian Towers and the southern entrance to the Flatlands from the spawn. Check out my offers in-game in the shop. It is stocked daily and will soon be the go to for cheap building material at low prices unmatched by any other.

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