Bugs galore

Hey all,

I am a bit confused as of the current status of the software & the server, Why, you ask, since I am the admin I should know? Rightly so. However, I have realized that there were problems with the backup plugin. I also realized that the changes around spawn that I did now twice are disappearing and other modifications I made on the world are too. New discovered areas do not show up on the map as well. So somehow, the world resets itself back to the status it had at a certain point in time. Also, the server magically stopped itself twice in the last 24 hours. What to do?

Well first of all I disabled all plugins that are non-essential. But I left the backup-plugin there for the moment. If the map resets itself, its the same thing as a backup. Without the backup however, I might have to generate a new map, which would be bad too, since I was taking quite some time to get an interesting map generated.

So the morale of the story is this:

I will keep the server up and running as well as I can. However, given the frequent updates of the software and the lagging updates of the HeyMod and its plugins, I would as a player not spend too much time right now mining etc. The risk of a server reset currently is too high. On top I am traveling right now and have only little time to be present on the server itself.

We will have to see if the release cycle from Notch stabilizes and if the software becomes a more stable thing to deal with. Then we will have a more consistent and bug-free environment to deal with.

So let’s wait…