Interesting conversation I just had….

Well, I just had an interesting conversation! I was on the console in the beginning so I answered through that one first. After his expletive he walked over to my avatar to “hit me”… Shows me how much it is worth having people to register on the website!

2010-11-26 20:46:32 [INFO] SFGiants [/] logged in with entity id 1505
2010-11-26 20:46:43 [INFO] <SFGiants> Can I build
2010-11-26 20:47:23 [INFO] [CONSOLE] hey there
2010-11-26 20:47:39 [INFO] [CONSOLE] you need to register on the website
2010-11-26 20:56:49 [INFO] <SFGiants> can ibuild
2010-11-26 20:56:51 [INFO] <SFGiants> i gtg in 3 mins
2010-11-26 20:56:54 [INFO] <SFGiants> i wanna builda  cool fort
2010-11-26 20:56:56 [INFO] <SFGiants> 30*
2010-11-26 20:57:02 [INFO] <SFGiants> i dont feel like registering. x_x
2010-11-26 20:57:10 [INFO] <uncovery> well thats tough luck
2010-11-26 20:57:15 [INFO] <SFGiants> FUCK YOU
2010-11-26 20:57:22 [INFO] Kicking SFGiants
2010-11-26 20:57:29 [INFO] Banning sfgiants

Nice one, ey? Good luck, SFGiants, on other servers with that attitude!