Griefer “Leiz” banned!

We got notice about someone griefing the public area and leaving signs on the sites saying “LOL SUCKA LOVE LEIZ”. Obviously anyone could have done that, there was no proof that Leiz actually did it. It prompted me however to look at “Leiz”‘s stats file on the server. I started collecting new stats when we switched to the new map. So whatever anybody did on the new map was a picture of the whole behavior of this person. There was no mix with stuff they built on the old map. So this guys logfile basically went like this for 46 lines:

# stats/Leiz.txt

There was not ONE line of something created in the whole file. He did not craft anything, did not place ANY block. Which is what it is: a proof that he was griefing, and therefore banned.  Bye!

20 thoughts on “Griefer “Leiz” banned!

  1. Wow, this is sad news for me.Well its was fun to play on the server.

  2. I dont know what I have dont wrong, Im trying to find out. cuse I havent been playing minecraft for 4 weeks…..

    • 4 weeks is a bit exagerated, yes? My server was hardly live 4 weeks ago.
      I have logfiles has you logged in on the 28th Nov, 24th, 21st,20st,19th,18,17,16th…

      specifically on the 27th/28th when the griefing happened, I have you as:
      2010-11-27 20:54:09 [INFO] Leiz [/] logged in
      2010-11-28 21:29:49 [INFO] Leiz [/]

      If you have not been online yourself someone has hijacked your account and now people associate something bad with your name. You might want to consider getting a new account then.

      • Maybe uncovery leiz had the password saved and a sibling or friend was on their computer?

      • I will as my mum to do som seach on my minecraft account. Maybe someone have hacked it cuse I havent play for a LOOOONG time. so bizzy with school. She works for the police. This migth take some time to get the info.

      • me third he seemed like a good guy i cant imagine he would grief
        he was very polite and never bothered anybody but maybe those are the ones you have to be suspicious about.

  3. Yes I have:) but I dont think any of them have used my acc, cuse I asked. but idk:/
    Im trying to get more info.

  4. i got banned for asking coal… not from uncovery just asking for some coal
    “please donate some coal” was my last words…..
    uncovery: “mangaluli bann”

    • Manga I banned you because you are an extremely annoying person. You expect everyone to immediately answer your questions, help you all the time and you do not stop to talk. That by itself would be not so bad. The issue is that the questions you ask and the help you expect is completely unnecessary. Almost all the questions were answered on the website and I directed you multiple times to go and check. You react like a hyper-active puppy, jumping around, biting people’s ankles. I warned you, told you you would be banned and you continued to ask questions that are answered VERY clearly on the website. I do not want you on my server as a person, player or else. No matter if you grief or not.

      For a taste, here are your most memorable outbursts, including the one that made me ban you.

      [mangaluli] uncovery how long did i been here 2week? or a month
      [mangaluli] but i cant build cool stuff the map chanhed :(
      [mangaluli] lol what with the grammer?????
      [mangaluli] UNCOVERY WHAT WITH THE GRAMMER??????
      [mangaluli] WHY IS THERE GRAMMER TEST?
      [mangaluli] uncovery!
      [uncovery] manga stop annoying me
      [mangaluli] can i lvl up uncovery?
      [mangaluli] is there a rank that i can be like you uncovery?
      [mangaluli] who know where is L-9
      [mangaluli] can you show me where i L-9 please
      [mangaluli] where is west?
      [mangaluli] i want to make giant christmas tree i need leaves
      [mangaluli] and lightstone and some colorful blocks
      [uncovery] manga: LAST LAST warning. It says in the FAQ I will not help you build stuff. next time ban w/o warn
      [mangaluli] k… nvm
      [mangaluli] i need leaves
      [mangaluli] can i use buckets with water?
      [mangaluli] please donate coal
      [mangaluli] how big is my place? is it 100×100 like on the old map?

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