Warning regarding the 20th update

As you might have read on Notch’s blog, there will be a beta version release on the 20th December. This will mean that the HeyMod plugin will most likely break. Then, in return, the Cuboid Plugin that does the protection, will break. It might take some time again until the whole setup as we have it right now will work again.

The issue with this is that I will be leaving for Holidays from the 22nd until the 7th of January and most of the time will not be able to access the internet. So if there is no update until I leave, the risk is high that for a couple of days the protection will not work.

On the day the update comes out, until HeyMod and Cuboid work again, I will switch to an alternative, TEMPORARY map. The old map will be restored as soon as we know that the protection works again. It is likely that we do some fun stuff during the time, such as PVP and/or free creative building (everyone gets the /item command to spawn stuff).

So if you come back on the 20th and your house is gone, don’t panic. Have fun and wait until I restore the map once protection is assured again.