New Registration process

I have written a new registration process, that should make things quicker, easier and give a better experience to already registered users.

First of all, there will be a whitelist now. Registration on the blog will automatically whitelist the user. There will be no more interaction from my side needed. However, there is now a test included in the registration. This should make sure that people know a bit about minecraft and that they know that despite the fact that they registered, they still do not have building rights. The questionnaire is short and not very site-specific to make sure many people can stop by and take a look at the server without having to read a lot of rules etc.

As a second step, there will be the application for building rights. Also this includes a test, and the user will have to actually read the rules, the FAQ and understand how the map works before he can answer the questions properly. Once this is done, the user is automatically permitted to build in the public area, without me having to move a finger.

The third step will be as usual the application for the private area. There will be another test that is more specific than the current one to the issues of private areas.

The overall goal of this is that we can handle a larger number of people coming from the minecraft server list and that we get less stupid questions in-game and force the people to actually read the rules on the website first. The whole thing will be live within the next 12 hours.