About walls around Protected Areas

I have seen larger and larger walls coming up around protected areas. There are some problems with these.

  1. They are ugly – like hell
  2. They are not useful. A 2-block high wall 2-3 blocks away from the actual border is a better protection against mobs and intruders. A wall right on the border does not work since your neighbor only needs to build a ladder on the back of your blocks to climb over it.
  3. They block the access for other people to get to their areas.
  4. You are in a protected area if you might have not noticed. People cannot steal your stuff. They cannot destroy your stuff. So stop this childish “I can build a higher wall then you” crap.

This is why I am starting a “polite request” to take down those high walls and make sure that people do have a chance to get across your territory. Make a bridge, a tunnel, whatever, but do not block it 100% and do not make high walls. If the high walls do not disappear within a reasonable time, I will make a rule instead of a “polite request”. If the rule is not kept, I will remove the walls manually, without refund of the resources you spent on it.

15 thoughts on “About walls around Protected Areas

  1. Uncovery knows, but to get around the walls and the mobs OSF, Cousac and I are making a bridge westward that goes (hopefully) to or beyond Blinky’s plot. If anybody wants to be added to the bridge network, just let one of us know.

    Also, here is the bridge design. Tried to make it as minimalistic as possible.


  2. I sure want to participate; but I got a question (to amandai, OSF and Cousac); does the bridge needs to be made of smooth stone as shown in the picture? ’cause I got very low on coal atm..

  3. Oyea and at what Level Y does it have to be? (Hold F3 to see what level you are on; look at the Y!!! NOT Z!!!)

    • There is no fixed level. You have to use some common sense. A wall 20 and more blocks high above ground level is too high. If yoy are already on a high mountain, a 3-block high wall might already be at 120 blocks above bedrock.

      • not talking bout fixed ummm… f3 gives character
        getpos gives block character is on.

      • If we wanted to connect multiple plots, there would have to be a fixed level uless we want a bridge going up and down XD

        • more likely keep bridge at same height, and if a building is in the way, tunnel through it

          • OSF could you lead your bridge a bit north to border my territory so I can continue it on mine?

        • Well we started now the bridge at a pretty high level. We can continue to build on that base if you want. No need to start from 10 different places at 10 different heights anyhow. Since all want to connect to spawn, we might as well go outwards from there.

  4. Okay I understand (somewhat) the problem with the wall, but my (and black night`s) wall is for the legit concern of enemy mobs. I suppose it is an eye swore but you can`t even see it because of the three people who own the plots to the side of mine. I did not create this wall to keep other players out, I have four enterences and I am installing more, and putting up signs to point our there locations. So I honestly don`t see a need to get rid of my wall, Uncovery if you would be so kind as to send me a reply either in game or on the website, it would be most appreciated.

    • Bear it’s not about having walls. It’s about having 20-60 stone high walls. If it’s not higher than it needs to be to be effective, thats fine. I am more worried in the following case: The map is 128 boxes high, from bedrock to the sky. The ground level is normally around the middle so at 64. If someone’s plot has a large mountain which goes up to let’s say 110 and the valley is down to sea level which is about 50, he might build a wall that is even leveled all around the map. So at the highest point it’s 110+5=115 high, which is fine. But if you pull a straight line from there to the valley, you have a wall at level 115 going down to the 50 level, which is a 65 blocks high wall. That’s a wall 50% of the map height. And does not do any more protection than a wall that would go always 3-5 blocks above ground level.

  5. The reason is because most of these wall are ugly like hell. Maybe if you made them more stylish they might fit in better.

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