New Header image!

Thanks to the kind help of hutchison15, we have now a new header image. The original shot was taken by myself, but the refining touches as well as the font were done by him. Thanks a lot, hutch! I also changed the outer background to black to fit more with the “Build your Dream” tagline. Hope you like it!

[Update] Since apparently other people want to try to make one too, here are some guidelines:

  • It has to somehow fit with the subtitle “Build your dream”. So it has to show some structure or image that represents this phrase.
  • It should be elegant and not too cluttered
  • The title and subtitle should be in the image in a similar way as it is now. Not too dominant and not covering the whole image
  • The image has to have the exact same dimensions as the current one, namely 940px × 198px
  • It should not be just some pattern but should rather evoke a feeling or emotion, at the minimum should encourage people to build something cool.
  • We could also use a favicon for the site….

14 thoughts on “New Header image!

  1. Like it, everything’s a little bit more streamlined. :) Good job guys

    • Yeah would be a shame if we pride us of building cool stuff and then have an ugly homepage :-)

  2. I wanna have a go! Let’s see if I can make one haha, just for fun )

    • Sure go ahead! We will put them on rotation or something like that :-)

      • That would be cool! Can you do that with wordpress?

        • Yes there is a plugin for the theme that does it! But we can also change manually of course.

  3. Please add dimensions in an edit to the post for users so it is much easily stated

  4. Wondering whether the title, could BE the structure, I’ve done a quick pixel art using a screenshot of “uncovery” spelt in a wall by lava behind it, wondering whether that would be appropriate or not?

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