Bridges to Tunnels?

While looking at the new 2 bridges we built I was thinking that they are not really the most attractive thing either. It’s not only the brigde but also the stairs and towers that lead up to them.

So here is a proposal: I will transfer them underground. We make std. “subway entrances” above ground. The tunnels would run along the borders so as not to interfere with existing underground structures. They would always be half/half in each bordering territories to make sure we do not take too much place of anyone.They would run at about 40-50block level.

I would therefore ask all of you who are willing to participate in that project to post a message there and I will try to make meaningful connections.

13 thoughts on “Bridges to Tunnels?

    • ok done! there is a tunnel now along the west border of your plot. You will find an entrance building at the north-western corner! Have fun commuting!

  1. Seems good idea to me. You can remove the bridges on my plot and build tunnels underground. If you find a hole in the roof of the tunnel,(I builded a stair down to bedrock on edge of my plot) please just ignore it.

  2. I’m sure bsaerens and me wouldn’t mind a tunnel on our border (or through our block)… so go right ahead and we’ll dig until we find the tunnel ^^.

    ps: we have a mining shaft on my block, if you want you can connect it with that one? ;-)

    • I dug always south along the public area and built access buildings already. I will see where I will make the east-west tunnels, thanks for offering!

    • I already dug along your south side, and there is an access building in your south-west corner

  3. i can spare some good time digging it help the server and everyone who need to get around

  4. Maybe if we make it more than the usual small sace, we could add a minecart system too, I’ve made the prototype of a switch that can change where someone stops, as soon as minecarts are less laggy, Could we add in that?

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