Temporary Map online!

Since the game was updated and the mods do not work, I moved the old map to a super-secure location and replaced it with a TEMPORARY map.

This means: Whitelisting is off for now. Building rights are on for everybody. If you apply for whitelist, or building rights, you will have them after the old map is back, too. Applying for protected areas is OFF. Whatever you did, had, were on the old map, will be back after all the updates work again!

I will be leaving for holidays on the 22nd and be back online on the 4th. Until then, there will be only vanilla SMP online, without any mods, protections, user rights, map updates etc. The server will restart and update itself every 6 hours. This means that if there is an update from Notch, it will take maximum 6 hours until the server will be running again. Please be patient.

Also: PvP is ON! Monsters are ON!

34 thoughts on “Temporary Map online!

  1. Uncovery do you have the power to ban on this server? Cause me and Kool are constantly getting griefed

    • yes I have the power to do so. However:
      1) I dont know whom to ban
      2) I do not have proof of griefing
      3) The next griefer is just waiting in line.

      Please do not build anywhere close to spawn or very visible structures. No server is grief-safe right now. If you do not want to be griefed, build accordingly.

      • I just wanted to do know if you could so if I do find out..
        Other than amadai, I’ve been around when everyones in our house..

        • I saw your place the other day and to grief it seriously you put some work in when it required it the most and that to happen is just sad

    • I have some advice, when ever I need resources, I may go to the public zone and build a sort of base camp, you should do something similar now, just build a cave with the only enterence being some dirt, something that looks natural, then leave a rose or flower(ex.) to mark that spot. Be very secretive when entering your new secret base, and build it far from spawn. Also i build a room in mine that looks like the base is abandond, then build another dirt passage from that into your acual home, if you need any more advice on this reply :)

  2. Evil Miner has been added to this list of murders. Please kill him on sight.

    • Hey sockso I remeber you saying that you and a friend had a server together, so Me and black night are also doing that. I went to minecraft.net and downloaded the Java server thing, but we cant find out how black night can also get on to it. We tried everything, he put in my ip, all kinds of stuff but i will not work, if you could help it would be greatly aprecciated

      • kk i think it is [if you are running on a home computer] either computer specs or internet connection and bandwidth

      • You have to forward port 25565. Also, if you launch the .jar file, make sure you do it from the command line so you can allocate enough memory. Also, make sure you understand the difference between local IP and external IP? Use http://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/open-ports/ to see your exernal ip, and type in 25565 in the port to make sure it’s open. I’m taking a bit of a break from minecraft. Have a nice holiday guys. :)

  3. I may not come on for a few hours of this because evil may be camping where i left. i did however plant a succesful tnt trap that he ran into
    Wormy:1 Evil:0

  4. As a V.I.P member of this server and a member for now a fair amount of time and played alot of spare time as well. It is dissappointing that some members of some/any time on this server can just do this. However it is also different how some users are working even harder then ever. I have lost my place a few times so far. We need to keep building

    • i actually like this new temp map. it is alot more promising then the other and we can work together all we need are the server mods and for a griefer ban system

  5. Sock, do you happen to have the server ip? I can’t seem to find it. :/ Ive been trying to use uncovery.net in the multiplayer box but obviously, Im messing up somewhere in the process.

  6. Neither can I. Oh by the way guys, I found out that this account is an admin. When I log on it says “Admin Color Scheme”

  7. i cant connect i keep getting an error connection refused: connect is it what im typing or is the server messed up

      • Yeah, no one’s emailed me either. What’s the port now? Or, who’s sending the email so I know who to contact?

        • When entering the Server info put this: uncovery.net:25564
          it should work then

          • Oh no, I’m well aware of that. I just thought it changed it again. For some reason I couldn’t connect yesterday.

        • It was sent by uncovery just before his unfortunate leave to all users on the blog. Using the email used to join the blog

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