Happy New Year! And now what?

Hey there, after being off the net for some 10 days (withdrawal symptoms included), I have a connection again, but not too much time yet to start working on the server. So until then (probably next weekend), I want to ask you to tell me what you would like to have after I am able to install mods & plugins again. There are several options. What I would like to say however is that I will not necessarily pick the highest rated option. I use this as a way to get your opinion, not to take commands :-)

So here is some detailed explanation about the options that we have:

  • Leave everything as it is now. No protection, PvP on, monsters on, no plugins. Advantage: no more outages after software updates.
  • Go back to the old map and restore everything as it was before the update came out, but make it harder (no kits for example).
  • Same as above, but with a new map, everyone has to pick a new area and restart building. Also, there would be a smaller public area.
  • Something completely different. Please comment below.