User Sabakyu banned

I just banned the user “Sabakyu” for lying about me/admin stuff on the server. He was already on the watch list after spreading false rumors and being highly suspected for griefing on the temp map over the holidays. He today said, after being accused of griefing:

[12:48] <uncovery_server> <Sabakyu> I know. I dont grief.
[12:48] <uncovery_server> <Sabakyu> From what we figured out, Dark was the griefer
[12:49] <uncovery_server> <Sabakyu> I emailed Uncovery. He said he would ban Dark.

Which got him the ban now. He never talked to me. I never said I would ban Dark. So he is banned now. Cu! Or rather not.

23 thoughts on “User Sabakyu banned

  1. I do not understand this. I was not the griefer. I do not know why I was accused, of either spreading false rumors, or being watched for griefing. What were the rumors I was accused of “spreading”?

    • Sabakyu, you do not have to understand this. You lied. About the admin of a server. You are banned. There is no appeal. There are thousands of other servers out there that you can use. Please go ahead and move on. You are not welcome here.

      • umm ya im going to have to go on uncovery’s side on this one he never said anything about banning darknesscreepin. only that he was going to keep a close eye on them.

  2. If the rumors were about zacattackzs being an admin, its because zack lied to me at school. He claimed he was an admin, and even said he had a 100×100 protected area. He claimed he knew uncovery personally…

  3. Well I’m afraid there is no point in holding your piece

  4. Please Uncovery, I swear I was not the griefer. I’m deeply sorry I lied about the statement claimed on the server. I did plan on emailing you, too. I know it was wrong to provide others with false evidence, and I take the full blame. I would be deeply appreciative to be allowed back on the server, so I could continue to peacefully build my house and kill zombies.

    • I told you, no debates, no un-ban. Move on. Continue to argue, and I’ll ban you from the blog, too.

  5. Sigh…
    Okay then. Is there a time limit on this ban or something? Or is it permanent?

    • It’s permanent. With the server being free, 1 Million players and more than thousand online servers I figured three is no need for discussions. We find a new user, you find a new server.

    • Well if you think that servers that you like are that rare, you might want to think next time before you talk. Or maybe this server is good because we ban people like you? Who knows. I only know my server anyhow.

  6. There are some people who respect admins that give second chances, you know. Just saying…

    • I give second chances to people who have been on the server without causing any issues, who have not been suspected of anything bad, who have been building cool stuff and being friendly. If someone ruins their reputation before they prove that they add value to the server, there is no second chance. I rather spend my time to get to know the people better that I know contribute etc instead to try to change my mind about people who started talking crap within the first 10 minutes of registering their account.

  7. I did build cool stuff, by the way. Ask Wormy, Sockso, or Tok. I built some beast shite in the Temporary map.

    • While I was playing on Zacattackzs, I created some cool things.

  8. Go away, no one cares and it isn’t going to help you

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