Hide your kids, hide your wifes!

The temp map is online until the mods are updated. Don’t ask me when this will be the case. I guess 2-3 days. There is no griefing protection. Hide your buildings. Building them far away will not help. People will find them eventually.

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  1. If I may make a suggestion. In order to allow users on the old map to access the new trees and ore, maybe some of the public area should be regenerated?

      • You could make a new map, then copy chunks into the public.

    • the trees should not be a problem. once you cut yours, the new trees should grow according to biome. The ore actually might be an issue. Anyhow resetting the public area is always an option

      • Interesting. I tested it last night. I was living in a pine-tree infested tundra biome. I traveled, got birch saplings. When the saplings grew by my pine trees, they grew into birches. Also, does the different color grasses grow according to biomes?

      • we _could_ delete some larger unused areas of the map and the people who really want that can give up their space and move there…

  2. I know that everyone loves the old map but this is like a whole new experience I am loving me and black night arnt just builing anymore we are acually serviving its great!

  3. I love the new note blocks, but does anybody else feel like the range is too limited?

  4. Good job, Griefers!!! Wow! I had just finished building my dozen-tree underground farm, and you set it on fire in less than 10 hours (previous to this post). I’m actually impressed.

    • I now removed the port information from the website and made sure it’s only shown to the people who are logged in

    • And this time, I’m not there to blame for it. Do you feel down that you dont have anyone to make some more lies about, Tok?
      “Oh, He griefed his own library to give himself an alliby.”
      DarknessCreepin told me that you said this. Wasn’t too happy to hear, you know what I mean?

      • Toktorill is in my opinion a respected user of the uncovery minecraft experience. You are trying to make yourself out as you had been used as a scapegoat. Whether this is true or not i really do not care. Toktorill is a V.I.P member of the community and he has been around for quiet some time, And has earned the respect and trust of players. You Sabakyu used a account of another player you knew in real life zacattacks… and as Sabakyu within the first day of whitelisting you were spreading false truths and are now a banned user. Look i would rather you accuse me of something then Toktorill. I don’t mean to be rude but hanging around on the threads will not get you back onto the server.

        • Thank you OSF.

          Sabakyu: With apologies to the rest of the community for beating a dead horse, I’ll honor your accusations with a reply. “I questioned them, and they both claimed innocence. Later on I was at the bottom of my stairs, when water began streaming down them. I captured a screenshot of them both near the top of the stairway.” That’s copy/paste from the email I send Uncovery. When I was questioning you, I used the classic bad cop “I’m 99% sure your guilty” But I also mentioned how I didn’t see how someone who put so much creative effort into the mountain would turn around and destroy it. When you asked, “You know I didnt do it, dont you xD” I quoted Socrates to explain my uncertainty. You on the other hand, just accused me of saying something I did not. While talking to DC I said it was a POSSIBILITY that you griefed yourself to take the heat off destroying the spider spawner block. [Fun Fact Kids: We had this conversation as I was growing reeds to replace every shelf in the destroyed library!] Not that it was a proven fact, nor something I knew with absolute certainty. Incidentally, while on the topic of DarknessCreepin he also pointed the finger at you, saying he saw you “riding the waterfull down from socks house with flint and steel at hand”. And you stealing from others. My reply to his accusations was “you could be guilty one, setting him up as a fall guy”. Do you remember typing “The only grief I did”/”Was take some bricks from Socks”, or was that the other Zach?

          This is my last word on the matter. I sincerely hope you find a fun, happy server to play on- and remember that, as mad as you may be about those issues, they were never proven. Uncovery banned you for lying about him directly, NOT the griefing.

          (Uncovery: I tried to copy everything in ” ” verbatim from screenshot, so you should be able to find them in logs)

          • 1. I LOVE FUN FACTS

            2. Thanks uncovery for the ban

            3. Be careful who you trust [Especially me after a few beers]

            4. ???

            5. I give up

          • 1. how long did it take you to type that?
            2.i was missing alot of iron that only zac knew were it was (200 pieces of iron)
            3.im conflicted at why he would build something then grief it.

  5. i actually have hiden my house above ground on old temp map and no griefer found it.
    (hint: find a island thats floating on water then dig out a cave under it.)

    • I cobbled my stairs. If they want to come back to visit, they can damn well DIG. If they quit in my base… well, they’re stuck there until they DIG. MUWHA HAH HA

        • It worked perfectly! Two people dug holes to come down, then filled them in again- then Uncovery dug himself out. I thought, what the heck, and put ladders. Not really a secret anymore… lol

    • Wormy, That house was pretty sick. Remember how we started a little town out of it? With a bank and everything.

      • ya it was pretty nice. its a one in a million shot to find one of those places

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