Status report

The whole plugin system is in heavy flow. There is no final or even beta version of the Bukkit system that manages all the plugins. There are however daily releases of snapshots out there. Along with this, there are daily releases of plugins with fixes, new functions etc. Some of the plugins interefere with each other, some do not when they should. So here a short list of issues:

  • /help does not interact with other plugins. It does not list what you actually can do, it’s just a text file I have to edit manually. If you are able to /tp as a VIP, try it out, there is no help for this currently.
  • /spawn has issues. While i can do it, no one else seems to be able to. I am completely lost why this is since I manage to assign other user commands to users without problems.
  • To see which lot you are in, use a piece of spider string instead of a wooden sword. Yeah, I know.

Otherwise everything seems to work. I am planning to install further plugins. I am considering Minecart Mania (place a gold brick below a track to accelerate etc), iConomy (a basic trading system with a currency) and others. However, while the plugins are changing so quickly, I have enough to do to keep the server basics alive. So these are plans, but no actions there yet.

3 thoughts on “Status report

  1. sweet finally a way to use my useless amounts of cobble. i might have about 500 uncs worth of cobble if the trade amount is the same as other servers.

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