Add users to your lot yourself!

From now on, you can add users to your lot yourself. The info can be found on the “User levels” page and I copy it here for reference:

How to handle your lot.
You can add people to your lot. Those cannot add others. You are the owner. If you add someone they can build on your lot as they whish and take things from chests. The lots are named “lota1” if it is A-1. You can add groups to your lot with g:groupname and users with just the username:

/region addmember [lotid] [member] – Adds a member to your lot
/region removemember [lotid] [member]
– removes a member from your lot

Adding the user “uncovery” to your lot C15:
/region addmember lotc15 uncovery
Adding the group “bears” to your lot F2:
/region addmember lotf2 g:bears

4 thoughts on “Add users to your lot yourself!

  1. Ok this is to awesome to describe… oh and I love the group example ;)

  2. Great! Just w8ing for the function that allows ourselves to actually add users to our own groups xD

  3. I have dibs on the group ‘People who are REALLY ******* ANNOYING’ And i also have dibs on been Group Leader

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