Backend rewrite finished!

I spent the last three days rewriting the backend functions for map generation, whitelisting, building rights application and reserved lot application. I just finished everything. The process did not change big time, but there are several improvements for the users and for myself.

  • The new 2D area map is now, as written before, instantly updated with the lot ownerships. I also changed colors and removed the excel sheet which is now redundant.
  • The whitelist application has a new location for the code but is otherwise the same as before
  • The building rights application will check now first if you have rights already and won’t let you apply twice. Once you applied, I still have to reload the rights on the server manually due to the limitations of the plugin, unless the scheduled server restart happens earlier
  • The lot application now checks if you are already owner of a lot. In that case, it will tell you which lot you own instead showing you the questionnaire. If you fill out the questionnaire correctly, it will check automatically if the lot you chose is available (=has no owner). If so, it will automatically make you the owner and give you “homeowner” rank. I still have to reload the permissions or you have to wait for a server restart. But otherwise there are no actions from my side required anymore.
  • The lots have been renamed to lot_a1 instead of lota1. It should be easier to read.

I hope there are no bugs in the system. I tested everything so it should be fine. If you see that there is something wrong, please tell me immediately.