System updates

I have been working a lot on the system recently and updated plugins on a daily basis. The result is:

  • The 2D map is now updating the image daily, but the lot allocation is instantly updated. If you add people to your lot, they should show up on it immediately. If you build something, it shows latest after 24 hours
  • The 3D map was broken for a day or two, and is also fixed now. It’s not slanted 45 degrees anymore.
  • Creepers should not make any more craters. I am not sure if they still do damage.
  • Fire is allowed to use, but disabled from spreading
  • TnT is not making any craters
  • Lava use is allowed. You should not be able to use it outside of your area anyhow. It should not put stuff on fire either
  • Kits are removed and won’t come back
  • Building rights are NOT granted instantly. I have to manually reload the permissions, or one has to wait until the server reboots (once every 24 hours). If that is bothering you (it’s bothering me) drop a note for this guy to have the permissions plugin reload the permissions every time a user joins.
  • I switched the region info tool from the string to a wooden sword again. It should be active after the next server restart.

If you see other stuff that does not work as expected please tell me. I am today working on getting protected area half-way automated.

One thought on “System updates

  1. We can use lava…. This changes everything BWAHAHAHHAHAH lol

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