Minecart Mania!

I installed today the pluging “minecart mania”. It makes it easier to steer minecarts and allows for a more comfortable control without complicated boosters and other strange mechanisms. You place certain blocks under a minecart track which determines the speed and direction of a cart. The system works as follows:

  • GoldBlock Boosts carts by 8x, disabled by redstone power.
  • GoldOre Boosts carts by 2x, disabled by redstone power.
  • SoulSand slows carts to 1/8 speed, disabled by redstone power.
  • Gravel slows carts to 1/2 speed, disabled by redstone power.
  • Iron Blocks eject passengers/mobs, disabled by redstone power.
  • Cloth reverse minecart direction, disabled by redstone power.
  • Unpowed Obsidian stops minecarts
  • Powered Obsidian Launches stopped minecarts
  • Signs with a direction (north, south, east, west) adjacent to obsidian can override the standard NESW direction selection.
  • Pressure Plates act as rails
  • Minecarts that collide with animals/mobs will kill them

I also built a 8000 blocks long double-track minecart line with railway stations every 200 blocks all around the map. I still have to find a way for people to be able to use it without a possibility for vandalism…

Attention: Do NOT build any infinite loops or other mechanisms that run without you being there!

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