Stats & Achievments Plugins installed!

The Stats and Achievement plugins are tracking what you do (in general, not when & where) and give you an overview and rewards depending on what you do.

You have the following commands available once you are “user level”:

Achievements commands:

  • /achievements – lists your achievements

Stats commands:

  • /stats [category|statname|convert|debug|list|help]
  • /stats [player] [category|statname]
  • just type /stats to see basic stats
  • type /played to see your playedfor-time

You can also see your stats online on this page!

2 thoughts on “Stats & Achievments Plugins installed!

  1. could you guys list all of the achievements here please? Cause when i type in game /listachievements i only see some of the achievements (i dont believe theres only 9 achievements lol..). thanks

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