User Levels renamed, Users visible on map

Ok, I renamed the “homeowners” to “settlers” and the “users” to “peasant”.

Also, if you go to the 2D Map, you will see red boxes which represent the actual position of online users. These are updated every couple of minutes. The upper-left corner should be the exact position of the mentioned user. I also will include a user list on the front page later.

6 thoughts on “User Levels renamed, Users visible on map

  1. I’m not sure I like the medevial theme, but the map feature is cool.

      • Wouldnt that make it easier for griefers to find people in public and grief them, I know when I go to public for resources I make my house far away from beginning of the area and I keep it well hidden, then again whens the last time we had a griefer on the server?

        • If people want, they can go an destroy the visible stuff in the public area or simply follow people around as they walk out of spawn. If you don’t want to be griefed, you better get a reserved lot.

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