Good one in my email this morning

I got two lot reservation emails yesterday. 2 almost identical email addresses including realnames at almost the same time reserve two spots next to each other. Thought they were a bit fishy. So ban both users and replied:

Subject: Re: Uncovery Minecraft Area Protection B10
Nice try buddy.
Please go somewhere else


Today I get a reply:

But please, its just my mates account but he just doesnt have an email, please we thought this would be the perfect server, what would be the point in me having two accounts on the server??? Please

If he is honest, the conclusions are:

  • He would not know what to do with more space – bad. All other people want 2 spaces if not more because they build large things.
  • He is too young/stupid/whatever to register an email – very bad
  • He gives his realname email account to someone instead of just registering another one for him – very, very bad

If he is lying, the conclusions are:

  • How stupid does he think I am?
  • (could not come up with another one on this…)

4 thoughts on “Good one in my email this morning

  1. funny, he also wasted money getting the second account, were the account names also identical?

  2. Lol call me crazy but I think hes lieing, it takes like five minutes to create an email acount I created mine when I was quite young so I doubt this person would have trouble.

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