New “Architect” level, VIPs can get 2 lots!

Since there are so many new people recently, I decided to introduce another level to reward those that have been with us since a long time. Two VIPs can recommend another user as Architect. The Architect has the same rights as a VIP, but the VIPs can now get 2 lots for themselves.

Thanks Hiosa and Sockso for the suggestions & Help on this!

7 thoughts on “New “Architect” level, VIPs can get 2 lots!

  1. Hey sockso and hiosa… wink wink, just saying lol :D

    • Yeah, there is one dilemma. The users in groups are in a special user level already.
      If I make you architects, you are not in your group anymore. What I can do is to give the group the same commands as the architects. But I guess you want to keep your “Bears” group name?

  2. Starting now, if anybody asks me to recommend them, I never will. And all of my recommendations will be done in secret. It’s only because I don’t want to be bugged about it, or have people act weird around me.

    • 1. Sockso i would recommend you to be a Architect anyways

      2. I agree the recommendation should be done in secret however the recommender should be allowed to tell the one who was recommended if they wish.

      3. Sockso i act wierd around everyone.

      4. Someone ask me for a recommendation or anyone else should be banned from acquiring the rank for x.

      5. I am sometimes Idiotic

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