New warp gates! Home invitations disabled!

I have built four warp gates in spawn that teleport you to the 4 new spawn outposts in the 4 corners of the map and back. The outpost are not finished yet, I will see what kind of features I will build on them over time. Suggestions welcome.

Also, I disabled that people can invite others to their home. This should prevent that public homes are used as general warp points for anybody.

7 thoughts on “New warp gates! Home invitations disabled!

  1. a little trading post a blacksmith perhaps?

    And I understand why you have disabled the invites. Is there a way to make public only parts of your home? like chests and the like?

    • No, sorry. Either you allow people as members in your place and they do what they like, or people cannot do anything.

      • Oh well…

        How about building a gigant roller coaster or some kind of theme park? :)

  2. make one on a island or somthing and the dungeon tour at spawn has nothing in it.

    • paradise island maybe and how about there each in diffrent biomes.

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