Scouty13 banned

Read for yourself

(l02d) mom
(Scouty13) lolwtf?
(Scouty13) I’e been trying to give you cobblestone for ages
(Bigbuddy1) im not trading u scouty when the 5 stacks grand put in the dispenser was for me
(Scouty13) i didn’t take from disp
(Scouty13) didn’t take from disp
(chpentain) someone took my cobble!
(Bigbuddy1) lol
(Scouty13) lmao
(Bigbuddy1) fail chpen
(Bigbuddy1) fine scouty meed me at the spawn
(Scouty13) nothx
(l02d) hey scotty
(Scouty13) hi
(l02d) do you have the diamonds?
(Bigbuddy1) yes id o
(Scouty13) im not paying diamonds lol
(l02d) k i will start whit the first 10 stacks
(Scouty13) thought you were giving them away
(Bigbuddy1) lol no i wana pay a diamond for 10 stacks
(l02d) scouty more cobble?
(l02d) hey scouty, whats whit the diamond?=!?!
(Scouty13) uh
(l02d) hey scouty are you kidding me?
(Scouty13) ?
(l02d) whats with my diamond??
(l02d) hey scouty damn come to spawn and give me my fuckin diamond!!!
(Scouty13) zz
(Scouty13) fool
(l02d) scouty whats wrong with you?
(Scouty13) nothing, whats wrong with you?
(Scouty13) oh fuk
(l02d) you had to give me a diamond!
(Scouty13) gtg get shitfast back
(l02d) i gave you 10stacks
(Scouty13) no, I didn’t
(l02d) then give me my fuckin cobble back
(Scouty13) relax, its just cobble
(Daiyamondo) Wasn’t it Big who’d give diamond?
(Scouty13) yeah
(Scouty13) I told him so
(l02d) yeah wormy to big and i to scouty
(Scouty13) but lo2d wanted to give me 10 stacks first
(Scouty13) so I was like
(Scouty13) kthxbai
(Marldain) That is the definition of theft
(Scouty13) no, its the definition of ignorance on his part
(l02d) damn scouty i would trade a full chest with u
[Hiosa connected]
(Marldain) That’s like going grocery shopping and walking out the door.
(Scouty13) no its like giving back your groceries because you dont have enough money
(Scouty13) and the cashier gives you extra shit
(Daiyamondo) Just give ’em back, will ya?
(l02d) scouty give back my cobble and stfu
(Scouty13) nah you ruined it for yourself
(allometry) scouty, give back what you owe him, otherwise I’ll make sure no body does biz with you again
(Anpan) l02d: I don’t think swearing is a good idea
(allometry) got it?
(Hiosa) whats wrong?
(Scouty13) I dont owe him anything
(allometry) bad trade agreement with scouty and l02
(Grandiosa_1) scout will become the enron of minecraft
(Daiyamondo) And he did?
(allometry) looking at the logs hiosa, there was a trade agreement that broke down with l02d and scouty
(l02d) damn scouty drive to hell, nobody had to traid with u again
(allometry) it broke down, scotty still has l02d’s trade items
(Scouty13) nothing broke down
(Scouty13) I was gonna teleport to home
(Scouty13) and he threw 10 stacks at me
(Scouty13) and suddenly he goes bitching for a diamond

32 thoughts on “Scouty13 banned

  1. Soooooo……. why do we need to know this?? You also could have told us that he was banned… :D

      • Uncovery is nice in the fact on occasion for select bans he lets us know. EvilPython** was banned for greifing and he said his brother did it on his account, He was made an example of to show that your account is one in itself and may have been a cause for NO SHARING ACCOUNTS. Sabukyu was banned for false rumors about our glorious leader and was a suspected Griefer, He was made a example of on the Blog because you just don’ do dat. Leiz was made a example of, to show he can see what you do in a stats file, Scouty13 broke one of my non-enforceable rules that is enforced [Don’t be a DICK], also lying to other users and in simple terms extorting them. There have be other times, but simply LEARN FROM OTHERS.

        • You are correct. I do not ban people out of a bad mood or in spite. If I would ban people I do not appreciate, there would be some others kicked out already. I am not asking you to behave as if you were in my home. I am asking you to give either a good or at least no experience at all to others. In the moment you give a bad experience to others, you are out. The server is not to accommodate you, but all players the same. If you think you want to interact, do so nicely.

    • hu? I am telling you in the blog post, with the reasoning behind it to make you understand how I judge stuff. What else do you want me to tell you how?

  2. dont think youve read it for yourself unc, either way, when I was gonna meet l02d he just ignored me giving me no chance to give stuff back

  3. read back further and you’ll see youve made a mistake :)

  4. Man, I miss all the exciting things that go on! :/

    And I missed amadai…….Gah. Horrible timing.

  5. Guys I can not get on the server, it says something about, My username or something

  6. Little confusing here. Think this was where some confusion was
    “(l02d) do you have the diamonds?
    (Bigbuddy1) yes id o
    (Scouty13) im not paying diamonds lol
    (l02d) k i will start whit the first 10 stacks”
    and that lo2d didn’t see w ho was paying from diamonds, and scouty didn’t realized this either. lo2d freaked out right away as well, only doesn’t help but add to the condusion of situation. Not sure it was entirely scouty’s falt. lo2d could have paid a little more attention to what was going on.

      • Ok goood Its probobly a mincraft server thing cause I cant get on any other servers either

    • i think went down again, at least temporarily, i can’t even log in.

  7. Scouty did not smell what the rock was cookin’. *Nod nod*

  8. Bahahaha Scouty.. Wow. Well i guess you do get these kind of people once in a while.
    I wouldn’t be suprised however if he made an alternate account and tried again though;
    So we should all keep a look out. :P

  9. Lol Classic Stuff!!!

    I jsut love it when people scam others then they get banned and whine about it every were. LOL HAHAHA

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