Portals work again!

The portals to the four corners of the map were broken in the beginning, but I fixed them just now. So you can use them again! Have fun!

As other announcements I got the news from the protection plugin developer that

  • there will be an option to allow others to place & ride minecarts in a protected area (dont know when though)
  • there will be a possibility to reset lots easily as early as next week. Once this is possible, I will find out which lots are not visited since some time and start a clean-up process. This might take some time however since I want to give the owners a chance to claim it.

I am working on fixing lot reservation, basically I have to go through testing of the solution. Maybe I can get it done tomorrow already. Will see.

8 thoughts on “Portals work again!

  1. Awesome, portals!
    Sounds cool, minecarts in a protected area, and allowing others- that’d be nice.
    Resetting lots. Probably applies to maxed out lots, or to those who have stopped coming to the server.. should be nice to see a cleaned up map :)

    Thanks Uncovery, keep up the awesome server!

  2. Awesome. I look forward to trying it out. As of now, I’m waiting so I can claim the lot I checked out earlier. I look forward to the new changes. :D

  3. Yeah About that.
    Becuase my school work is getting more difficult, i wont de able to visit the server much on the days of Monday untill Friday every week….
    So please keep that in mind uncovery!

    • It may be like a month or something unless spoken previously to him bout it

    • Yeah don’t worry. There are many people that have not shown up for longer than a week. If you pop in for a short time, you won’t have problems.

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