18 thoughts on “Back on Monday!

  1. Uncovery if you don’t mind me asking, what is that thing?! And if you were scuba diving where in the world do you live?

    • Its a lion fish if im not mistaken. If you dived and took that yourself, great pic and great find!

  2. I am in the Philippines, scuba diving for 3 days. This is a Lion fish as nomad correctly pointed out. They are not that hard to find, but it’s rare to get them from the side and against a black background. Normally they are stuck to a wall or the ground, and then you do not see the face clearly and their features are not so visible since the background is disturbing the picture.

    @OSF: The lot on my right for diving is reserved by my wife. If you want to apply for a reserved lot on my left, I am afraid you are in for a questionnaire that will take a bit longer to fill in than the one here on the website :-)

    • Okay give me a link for questionaire and also the spot on your shoulder should be for a talking parrot [just saying]. Also the watermark says copyright 2010 uncovery.net [it is 2011 you may need to update your watermark]

      Also great picture.

    • Sounds awesome. I’ve scuba dived twice in my life, and it’s an amazing experience. Hope you’re having fun!


      I’m from there. :D

      What part did you go to?!

  3. When I attempt to get on the server, it says:
    Failed to login: Bad login

  4. Hey uncovery, could you please bring back some ink sacs from your dive? I’m gathering black wool.

  5. Uncovery AND Notch out of town on the same weekend…. Coincidence?

      • >.< you might see him. Complain to him for me :) idk what about but if you ever do just complain to him about anything about minecraft!

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