Complete Map revealed!

I went around today to reveal the last corners of the map that no one went to yet. So go right ahead to the 2D map and see for yourself what lands await you there!

Among other updates, the plugin system I am using theoretically now supports multi-world. This means we can have a nether and even possibly parallel other worlds. There is an issue with this however. All the plugins we are using will have to support this function first, which is not the case at all. Then, I have no idea what this means memory-wise for the server. Currently its probably no issue, but still there will have to be some testing before that becomes an option for us.

Also, I am still working on the lot reservation & discovery of old users. I am currently facing the issue that I have to go back to a more manual way of adding the lots which is bugging me of course. I have some hopes that this will change next week and I am a bit reluctant to do a major programming effort if I it would be for nothing already next week. I will try to come up with a temporary solution until then.

The discovery of old users currently stalls on the issue that the capitalization of the users in game and on the blog are different, and I have to write a program first that fixes or ignores that. I hope there will be some more time on the weekend to proceed on that. However it does not make too much sense to find the old users if there is no way yet to reset their lot.

3 thoughts on “Complete Map revealed!

  1. If you do make a parallel world, you could make it public, And turn the current public area to protected lots.

  2. I like this idea as well I think it being public would be like the temp maps, people having to trust each other, oh and If you made the nether having PVP would be amazing, everyone battling for control of the center of the earth

  3. Sounds like there is a lot more excitement going on behind the scenes. My boys and I are patiently awaiting your fix(es) for assigning lots. We’re not spending much time on the server now because we cannot get our lots assigned. I should have taken care of that before going on vacation, but alas, when we returned, it was disabled. If a fix, temporary or permanent, is put into place, I would love to take advantage of it.

    We’re pretty excited to see a decent server thriving with positive players. Playing on our private LAN server is fun, but only for short periods of time.

    Keep up the good work, and thank you!

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