PvP Arena & Lot active!

Some people did not know, but the PvP arena is active and working. By simply entering it you are vulnerable to PvP attacks. Also, we have a 200×200 PvP lot which is active too. There is also now a warp gate inside the PvP Arena building in the spawn area that brings you directly to the PvP lot. Currently the PvP lot features a larger cave, 3 dense forests and a lava cascade. It is currently not possible to dig/build in that lot, and I do not intend to make that available.
Instead I am asking for idea what to put into the area to make it more interesting.

26 thoughts on “PvP Arena & Lot active!

  1. Maybe this would be too complicated but have 2 small castles destroyable only via tnt, then a block of obsidian in each that must be destroyed, whoever does this first would get some sort of reward, limit the match time to like once an hour or so and maybe give the reward via Iconomy. Probably a massive pita to code in, but It would give the pvp area huge attraction in my opinion, and something I dont believe any other server has.

  2. There can be two castles and we can make a last man standing game if you want. We simply disable the portal after everyone is in and then see who is left over. We would have to disable /tp too however, or make a special usergroup for those people.

  3. I think that it should be public, people could build`could build there own bases and have to defend them, Kind of like what I do with Bears although I have no way to defend people just waltz in and set up shop, in PVP you could set up shop inside other peoples houses and fight them for it, and BEARS would be the RULERS OF PVP LAND AND NOONE WILL STAND IN OUR WAY,

    • i was in bear’s way and he attacked me. so all of his items flew all over the place :)
      Hiosa > Bearthebomb

  4. I agree with Bearthebomb It being public would be better than having castles in my opinoin that way people could attack bases and tear them down in an epic battle it would be cool, having wars in underground caves and mineshafts

  5. i think once a week or even once a month we should have civil wars were the map is divided. like noth of the public lots vs south of the public lots .start on each side and fight once your dead yu cant go back itd be like our own NFL .. we could add rules like you cant hurt your team(maybe in code ? dunno about that stuff) have tournaments and awards for most valuble player on each team ..

    • While this sounds all interesting, I currently do not have a chance to implement this. What we can do is ask everybody into the PvP area and battle for last man standing with a chest of goods for the person. I will make a post in the forum and see how we can do this.

  6. Hey, so I have an idea, but it requieres a question first: Is there any way to make it so that in the pvp area, names aren’t shown?

  7. hey Unc what do you use for your PvP area’s,


    Other answer……?

    cursiosity for my own good!

    • WorldGuard. I did not even know the other ones still exist.

      Are you finally gonna pay the contracted license fee for all the hosting-advice I am giving or do I have to send my legal team over to you?

      joking of course

      • Uncovery has a legal team now D:

        Good luck Sem, I’m pretty sure you better get paying those contracted license fees XD


        • o.O I’m sure we can work this out! I don’t like authority’s unless it’s me! :D


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