New Building Guidelines

I have a rule that people should not build large walls. Why? Because they are ugly of course. They block the view for others and do not have any effect whatsoever. You cannot keep people out anyhow.

Now some people think it’s better to make them out of glass. like 100 blocks high. Well, I do not think this is an improvement. Then other people come and ask that if they put a roof on them, it’s not a wall anymore but a building. Well guess what: This is hard on the edge of the “stupid questions” ban.

I have reviewed and updated the building guidelines. Please go and read them. If your current construction violates them, please change it. If it’s too big, I can come over and take it away quickly or move it underground when I have time.

In short: Do not build ugly stuff. This game does not have ladders, stairs, 120 materials so that you build a hollow box because you are too lazy to cave the underground out.

If you read the building guidelines and think: “Oh but I wanted to build this huuge box in the air out of [whatever] and if I make it only 80 instead of 100 blocks, wide, it should be ok right? Let’s ask uncovery”, then you are already on the path of the stupid questions.

7 thoughts on “New Building Guidelines

  1. If this has anything to do with Fatalgod yesterday asking about building his spaceship… an commenting about the 127x100x100 building, I have to apologize. My sarcasm came through, and he and I typed that in game to be funny. I know sarcasm and humor don’t always translate well into text chat. :D

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