Good news, everyone!

There finally seems to be a decent trading plugin that works with iConomy! This means that you will be able to run shops in the spawn and outposts! I will set up market places where you can setup shop and start trading your stuff at your own prices. In spawn, this will most likely happen in the Tower above the Spa. I am not sure when the first version of the plugin will be released but I will test it with some people first before we release it to the general public.

I am hoping to get the whole game a bit more interactive that way. Ideally I would disable even home and instead setup a couple of additional portals to make the whole game experience more action than command-based. I already now have the option to charge for using the portals…

13 thoughts on “Good news, everyone!

        • srry bout that my brother got on my laptop and has an obsession with postinf first on everything that desnt have a comment i have changed my password so it shouldn’t ever happen again.

  1. Nice, although I read that entire thing Farnsworth’s voice. Not that that’s a bad thing.

    • for some reason i was watching futurama when i read this.

    • I agree with enklooo1. Its one thing to have the server be more survival like, but unlike single player, our homes aren’t close to our spawn. It would be an awful pain to have to walk from the spawn to our lots, even if you integrated portals. Maybe I’m just lazy, but I think I’m not alone here.

      • I usually make the trip by boat, but landlocked people could build rail networks too, if the portals don’t suit them. We’ve also got that handy minecart mod, and railroads might encourage cross-plot co-operation.

        I find having to actually move home and back fun; makes the world seem less like a collection of self-contained 100×100 worlds. This kinda feels like the Oblivion vs Morrowind fast-travel debate all over again

  2. Awesome! But I don’t know how some people would feel about going to the spawn, and having to walk home through the night, all the way through the public area, and then find their house… it’d be tough.

  3. I wouldn’t mind having gigantic longass railroads running to every lot, that would be awesome.

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