BIG update – Notice 1

I have done a BIG update now. There are tons of new features, and I want to enable them one by one. So for the start, there are some commands that you know already that have changed. Since I changed a plugin that is doing VERY VERY basic stuff like /home /spawn etc, those commands have changed:

  • you have to set home again. This is now /sethome
  • if you are architect or above, you can do /tpa which asks others if they allow to /tp to them. They have to accept with /tpaccept.
  • You can use /me to emote stuff.
  • if you are VIP, you can /tpahere to teleport people to you if they accept with /tpaccept
  • if you are VIP, you can /tp to people without their acceptance

Gameplay wise there is the following BIG CHANGE:

Creepers do damage to you now. They do not destroy your stuff, but they can kill you!

One thought on “BIG update – Notice 1

  1. That is a nice anything you have, It would be SHAME if anything would happen to it.

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