BIG update – Notice 2

First of all there was a glitch in the upgrade and fire spread protection wed off for some minutes. If anything significant was burnt, sorry about that. If you feel that an extremely important piece has been lost, tell me and I can try to restore from the backup.

There is news regarding the Minecarts: You have now these options:

  • You can spawn minecarts by placing a diamond block with tracks running on top of it. When you apply a redstone charge to the diamond block one minecart will get spawn and launched. It is possible to change the direction in which the minecart launches by placing a sign next to it, containing one of the four directions (west, east, north, south).
  • When minecarts passes a diamond ore block they will get destroyed. You can disable this functionality by applying redstone power to the block.

This essentially allows you to let people ride your tracks even though they do not have the right to place a cart on your tracks because of the protection.

Also, Money is enabled now. The currency in Uncovery is called 1 “Unc” or 100 “Uncs”. Sue me for not being more creative. When you log in for the first time, you receive 50 Uncs. You get another 1 Unc for each 30 seconds you are online. You can check and deal with your money with these commands:

  • /money pay <player> <amount> – Pay a player money
  • /money rank – Show your rank
  • /money top – Shows top 5 players
  • /money help|? – Displays the help documentation

There will be more coming soon so you can trade your goods in the mall. Also expect more news on the nether this week!

4 thoughts on “BIG update – Notice 2

  1. oh Uncovery we’ve got a issue:
    you dont seem to get Unc’s at all any 30 seconds… D’:
    Me not gonna get Richy boy this way!!!

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