The way forward

Ok, I have read the comments, and thanks for those. They have given me a good perspective on the topics and I have an idea on how to move forward:

The malls

Instead of having split malls like now, I will rather combine them all at spawn. It is better to have a crowded central spawn than splitting up the people over the map. If we ever extend the map again and have a lot of people online permanently we can think about that idea again.

The /home command

I will leave the /home command as it is. If you die, you should not loose your stuff because it takes too long to get it.

The nether

This will depend how the portal making works. If making a portal from the nether does NOT make a portal in the normal world, I will make the whole nether public. If it creates a portal in the normal world, I will either make a portal command instead of people building them or split up the world in sections. Then I might also reset the nether regularly such as one a week or so.

10 thoughts on “The way forward

  1. I really support the combined malls & public nether ideas. Sounds good!

  2. I completely Agree with the choices you made! Especially the Mall. ’cause seba_11 was just outside of the lots that were chosen in the spawn mall :D. And because I think people will rarely visit the other malls.

  3. I think dividing the nether up into sections to reflect the normal world would be the best choice, since conceptually the nether represents the a small portion of walkable area “under” our feet. This would also make a nice short cut to other areas.

    • I don’t know how much work there is in this for Unc, but couldn’t we just make chest-shops for the people who actually wants to use them, the system we have now where every lot automatically gets a spot in the mall seems very unnecessarily complex, instead we could have a thread on the forum were people could post if they wanted a spot to trade in the mall, and then unc could go trough that every once in a while and assign spots in the mall to the people who’ve asked for it..

      As I said i don’t know how much work there will be for uncovery with this method, but on the surface it seems to make a much more user friendly mall..

      • It’s too much work. As it is now I never have to touch it again, even if the lot owner changes.

  4. My name is LVasold and I approve of this message. (And Unc’s decisions. Not that it means much. Or I could do anything to the contrary….)

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