Server Freeze Track-down

There have been several server freezes over the last four days. The problem is that the freezes do not throw any conclusive message into the logfiles. So I need all your help on this. If you are online while the server freezes, please come to this post and tell me that it froze so I can restart it ASAP, what was the last thing you did before it happened. Did you see any odd behavior?
Thanks a lot!

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  1. Hey Uncovery,

    I was on the server when it froze. There was a problem with the Nether. I believe a VIP was in the Nether, and he logged off, leaving someone he had brought in with him stuck in the Nether. He logged back in to get him out, and then I believe at that moment the server froze. This was what I believe triggered it, but I may be wrong.

    To sum it up: I think the Nether is very glitchy with Beta multiplayer!

    • It was definitely the nether. It only happens while a VIP is online, And in the nether. I think its all the ghasts and ‘splosions

      • It could be a plugin i believe that is causing these problems, unless someone constantly goes into the nether /But i think that has been disabled

    • Salutations.

      I was probably the VIP henry remembers- I had logged off in the nether last time I was playing, and when I came back on I got a “You are member of group VIP” message for the first time, but found I couldn’t dig in nether public. As an experiment I tp’d pinebenj to me. He was able to dig. But then I found /world didn’t work, so I tp’d to henry_paiste in an attempt to get back to normal. I appeared in normal spawn. I couldn’t see him around, so I assumed it was the tp/invis bug that occasionally appears. So I tried to quickly relog- but got a 503 when I tried reconnecting. I went on irc to let them know I was trying to get back- and in a few minutes I did. I gave pinebenj a /tpahere to get him back to normal, and I believe he accepted, but then I couldn’t talk or use any more / commands. Then a few people showed up on irc and said they lost connection. The website didn’t show any change in server status, though.

      When I got back on much, much later, I was so lagged I timed out in a few minutes. But most of that was probably Anime torrents.

      On the topic of ShiningTitan’s ghast comment: there aren’t any ghast animations, flying fireballs, or explosions in the nether- you simply take some damage if they are around and see you. But that probably has to do more with nether not officially being worked into SMP by Notch, I would assume.

  2. Down again. Lagged for a while, then I was out. >.<

  3. Ow, its hardcore lagging right now. I just died and can’t get my stuff back, because my /home is offset and the lagg is terrible.. Bye bye, last diamond tools >_>

    • There is only one command which has a conflict and no-one on the server has the right to use this command. Also you are talking about essentials, not permissions.

  4. Server just froze. I was in the mall when everyone got kicked. I was able to walk around for another 2 minutes, but I could not place a block or anything.


  5. Server JUST froze. I did not see any suspicious activity, however, it took only 10 minutes for the server to time out once Uncovery left…

  6. I’m pretty sure it has to do with one of the newer (switched) plugins, but not the nether. I experienced the exact same behavior on another server (seriously overkill machine for MC). The lag just kept getting worse and worse and the server would just time out at one point.

    That server also had those death messages. Though I don’t know of any other matching plugins apart from /sethome and /home.

  7. Hi, I logged on using the browser based minecraft and almost as soon as i got in i tried to chat, message didnt get through and then there was one or two comments in chat about the server crashing. Could be a rights / permissions issue since I (settler) could not chat but a higher rank was still able to.

  8. Happened again today, I joined the server today so I can’t tell much, but the last thing I remember was that it seemed like all players froze and I was still able to walk around. Kinda like when there is a back up and it laggs a little. Not sure
    if this helped, but I tried to tell as much as I could.

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