I shot a hole through the server [Update]

Sorry about that, but while fixing the malls I must have shot a hole through the server map from the eastern outpost all the way to the spawn on sea level. It’s only 1 block large but it goes essentially through 7 lots. [Update] Contrary to the common belief that this happened from letting my shark with his laser eyes take his sunglasses off, it happened by myself looking in the direction for a second too long.[/Update] I hope it did not remove any chests filled of diamonds or flooded your area with Lava. If so, make a screenshot and I point and laugh at it. Yeah, sorry again, but still no refunds!

(If there is a lava leak I can always try to help and fix it, but the diamonds are gone, sorry)

4 thoughts on “I shot a hole through the server [Update]

  1. An example of the destructive power of the Unc cannon. More powerful than TNT, faster than an out of control minecart, and deadlier than a horde of creapers! No chest of diamonds is safe.

  2. ummmm yeh i may or may not have lost something or like ultimate value that is like mega expenisive when this may or may not have happened and i like demand a chest like full mega rare stuff that is like super valuable and that… [Aside: Even though at the time users could spawn items as they wish]

    [Any users remember this, probalby only the V.I.P’s and older members]

  3. Hey, you gave your shark lazor eyes but not me? I thought you would find the “Give Hiosa Lazor Eyes” plugin. :)

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