Redstone / Minecart Rules update

Do not build any permanently running minecart or redstone system. Everything that is performing an action has to stop itself after a minute or so. Stuff that continues running slows down the server. Violating this is an instant ban.

10 thoughts on “Redstone / Minecart Rules update

  1. Think this is more of a reminder then a update, pretty sure this was a rule beforee

  2. Does this mean that redstone can’t be on all the time or is it just redstone that is turning on and off that slows down the server?

  3. What about a indicator light? (One that only goes on when something falls on the pressure plate of my mob trap)

    I currently broke the circuit of it since I wasn’t sure if I was allowed this or not.

    • Well I guess one single mechanism does not break the server, specially if there are not 20 others on your lot. The more complicated however have to be strictly off.

      • Thanks. I’ll fix it sometime later, then. It’s just a single indicator light, I’m not a huge fan of the continuous blinking disco lights some people seem to like.

    • You dont need boosters anymore. There is a plugin which is giving you a block below the track that does the trick. Please read the Minecarts page for more info.

  4. I am guilty of this i have some blinking lights. I will shut them down immediately.

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