Heads-up on the update next week

I would like to give you a “warning” on the update next week (presumably Tuesday). There are two choices:

  1. The software will ask you if you want to update
  2. The software will update itself no matter what

If the first case happens, DO NOT update until I will ask you to do so. Otherwise you will be unable to connect to the uncovery server.

In the 2nd case, well you will update the game. If this happens, I will also update the server to the latest version, since this is usually required. Otherwise nobody can get on the server. This also means that most of the plugins and the protection breaks. If this is the case, we will switch to a TEMPORARY map that will not have any protection against griefers. The new map will be up until protection can be given. Then we switch back to the current map.

15 thoughts on “Heads-up on the update next week

  1. notch wrote he will release the new luncher when minecraft.net is fixed.

  2. meh. well, somethin’s up with minecraft.net anyways, so hopefully when it is back up we all can play, temporary server or not.

  3. One of the new features of the launcher is that it’ll ask you whether you want to update game files or not, so i wouldn’t assume there would be any problems in using the updated launcher, as long as you don’t update your 1.2_02 game files..

    I think Blinkydude has been using the leaked launcher as well without problems, so it should be safe..

  4. The updated launcher is available to download now, but I’m waiting until things are kosher before running it.

  5. My minecraft somehow automatically updated. :/ This sucks. Please bring us updates about how long it will take to update the server. Thank you :)

  6. @Higgins .. I would imagine that one of us who haven’t updated yet could upload the 1.2_02 files for you, and anyone else who clicked the wrong button when asked to update..

  7. Well, the new launcher is out, as well as the update for the game to version 1.3. Pretty cool updates.

    A few people have logged into Uncovery with the new launcher, but Uncovery has not said that upgrading to version 1.3 is a good idea yet. The new launcher allows you to choose to install or not, so I would go with the new launcher, but wait to upgrade.

    Just my $0.02.

  8. LOL i didt see it ask me…anyway Im a 1.3 at work now. Have to wait till i get home to get on Uncovery!

  9. It updated automatically for me. I now get an “Disconnected by Server: Outdated Server!” error when connecting.

  10. It is not this update is will ask in future updates, also there will be updates in the future it will not ask what you want but these are mostly one-off’s

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