Server Updated to 1.3!

Ok, despite the issues mentioned below here is the server on version 1.3. I have found the right combination of plugins that works together. The only things that are not working right now are

  • HeroChat for chat channels support
  • WarpGates to jumpt to the outposts
  • Stats & Achievements
  • The chest shops. Fixed!
  • You do not get Uncs over time anymore. The feature has been removed by the plugin author.
    I am getting a bit freaked out over this. I get questions every 5 minutes from people asking me
    “Is the UNCs system broken?” – NO. IT IS NOT.  Next Question:
    “How do I then get more money” – YOU MAKE AND SELL STUFF.
    The shops still work. The money still works. You only do NOT get “Money for nothing” anymore.
  • Diamond blocks spawn a minecart but do not launch it. fixed!

I will see if I can find reliable alternatives or fixes for these. Until then, please report all bugs or missing stuff here.

Also, what changed is:

  • Warping to places takes forever. It is actually better to warp somewhere, log off and re-login.
  • Doors can be placed in protected areas.
  • Slimes are back in the game

Please note that I cannot change any of those. If I could, I would. Asking me to change that does not help this fact, either.

So go ahead and upgrade your client to 1.3 and join the game!

(just realized that I updated to 1.3 on the 1.3.2011)

33 thoughts on “Server Updated to 1.3!

  1. The update looks great, feels great, works great. Seems permissions are working properly, even in the mall. Although one thing not mentioned above is that the shops are not working. You can get your items out, but they are still protected from other ppl taking things out of your mall.

    Oh, and in case anyone has read up and noticed… slimes are back, and in FULL force. They may be EVERYWHERE and they are not happy about being turned off for so long. Creepers are back to doing damage to players (as they were supposed to) but not to terrain, that I’ve seen.

    I’m going to have nightmares about slimes now.


    • They are fun ye olde slimes just tame them and they become great assets

  2. Unc, My diamond block still spawns my minecarts but no longer propels them. Any ideas?

  3. I’m sorry to barge in on these, but is any one else not gaining uncs?

  4. Unc, I tried to remedy the issue with Obsidian but it would require many more gold blocks to get it working again. Diamond block isnt propelling as it used to and i pride myself on my minecart system. :(
    On a happy not had fun with slimes today.

  5. Ever since the update, the server has been lagging terribly. When i do an action, (such as place/break a block, type a command, etc.) it doesn’t respond for literally 5 minutes later. I know its not my bandwidth, because no one else was on our house’s connection. I don’t know if others are dealing with this but the server is unplayable. If you know how to fix this it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

      • Okay, thanks anyway. I’ll just have to figure it out on my own.

        • Actually, this has actually been happening to me a lot to today, so I guess we are reproducing ( a in-game bug baby) < lol… Please, I lost all my reeds with this lag.

    • I’ve been getting random mega lag too, if it makes you feel better.

  6. The server is indeed very laggy.. Also, slimes are quite bugged (not-killable, visible for 1p only) The teleports all got their delays back, wich got me killed already… … … :'(

  7. Can you remove the 10 seconds to teleport when using /home? It’s quite a nuisance to use.

    And, there was one point where I did have lag that was a min or two long but it cleared up and it became playable. That, I can confirm also. Thus why I said there was no lag. Seeing how I came from servers that were unplayable, this is not that bad at all. But perhaps it would be annoying a bit though, especially when fighting mobs. :|

  8. The server is not accepting logins. My ping is fine, I get the “Timed Out” error. Seems others on IRC also could not login.

  9. Uncovery, I’m sorry for asking if the money was broken yesterday. I meant to ask if you thought it would ever be up again. I’m sorry for the misconvenience.

    • Don’t worry. If one person asked me, I would not be mad. I just got like 5-8 people asking me the same question.

      Your question now is relevant though. I will write a new blogpost to answer it.

    • The question is if they use a permissions plugin that also works with the rest of my stuff. I want to re-enable it but the fact that there are now 3 permission infrastructures makes stuff difficult.

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