Earning Money

There are two things some of you have noticed:

  1. You do not earn money anymore for simply being online on the server
  2. The mall is quite empty

I expect one of those two to change. Hint: It will not be Number 1.

To make a long story short: The plugin author of the iConomy plugin removed the feature that people can receive money from being online. And I do not regret it. There are little chances that the feature will be reintroduced into the plugin and I cannot help that. However, I do not want to use that feature again even if it would be available. The system where people would earn money just for hanging around caused them to be able to buy stuff from others who worked to mine whatever they could. This leads to a certain inflation after a time because only a few people would go through the trouble to make a shop in the mall. Once you have to make money to buy stuff, you have to make sure you also work for the goods you want to buy. And I prefer that. There is a certain risk otherwise that people get tempted too much to just run Minecraft in the background to earn money, and then basically use it as a free-build system by being able to buy what they want.

10 thoughts on “Earning Money

  1. While I’m happy that the “uncs over time” feature is gone, I was wondering if you could write about your plans with the mall?

    I was under the impression that you were gonna redo it, which has been keeping me from opening up a shop there.. well that and because of the bad spot i got, 7 or 8’th floor at the back who, beside the creeper janitor is gonna look there? :D

    On a different note (Maybe we should have a “ask uncovery questions” thread on the forum) How far away is the possibility of a non-architect and non-vip like me to own multiple lots? Either trough donations or Unc sale.. you could even have in-game auctions for the more impressive lots..

  2. I want to revamp the mall and make fewer shops in there. Recently I got the idea of making separate buildings for types of goods such as ores, weapons, food etc.

    People should be able to reserve shops in those buildings. The problem is that this is a lot of work. Also, the software that is doing the lot membership is being revamped right now and there is a new version expected soon. I am waiting for this since the way new stuff is implemented will change how I have to make this work. I might have to rewrite also how the current system works. I will not touch the current system before the new plugin verison is out. This could take until tomorrow or two more weeks. I recommend you to open a shop. It’s quick and easy.

    You are free to start such a thread anytime on the forum.

    I was busy with the upgrade recently, and I have another week long trip from Monday on. So please do not expect any new features in the next 10 days.

  3. I have very much the same problem with Lado concerning the Mall. I also am on the 7th floor, in the second last row. And I’m just not the kind of person who goes about shouting in chat what I’m selling, unfortunately.

    Besides that, I just don’t need money. I still prefer the whole trading blocks for blocks. xD

  4. I am very happy with the “earning money over time” change. It would just lead to diamond prices (and everything else) going up a lot, and it would give people a reason to be AFK.

    As for the mall…. It’s a touchy subject. I like it, but I don’t like it. I enjoy the idea that I can put iron in a box and literally make money awhile I am offline. What is displeasing to me is how there are well over 600 possible stores in the mall, but very few are in use.

    Safe travels Uncovery!

  5. I have been wondering why there are empty spaces on some of the mall’s floors. I am also glad that the free money thing is over.

    Great Server Unc

  6. Seeing as how I’ve been working pretty hard to trade and sell what I can gather (and not making such giant monstrous buildings as others)… I can appreciate all of this. :D

  7. Alright, so I really like the idea for malls for certain items, it would help me a lot. Also, is kind of annoying that there are so many levels for chests in the mall. I am kind of lazy and won’t really bother checking in floor 9 if I’m at 1. I almost feel like although it would be cluttered for a while, all the chests should just be there if you need it and you can claim an empty spot. I don’t really know, but I’m looking forwards to a new mall.

    So as I have read, several memebers like that the “uncs over time” aspect is gone. However, I really enjoyed that. I liked how if I was working for a while and I had enough money to finally trade for something, I could because I was just working for a while. Plus, I have an issue. I am terrible at mining. My computer is very laggy, and I can’t go into an undiscovered cave without dying. Thus, I can’t get many good or rare resources. So I really liked the currency because I could get iron or other things with uncs instead of “diamond, which I do not have! I really miss this, and become fearful every time I make a purchase with uncs.

    I do however agree that afk-ing is an issue. It happens all too often and I will admit I have done it a few times. I am not at all a computer wiz, so if I am throwing out an IDE that is completely trash, I’m sorry. But what if it were possible to have uncs generate with every block you mine or place. Or something that requieres involvement, and not just sta
    nding in a spot racking up money.

    Please agree or disagree accordingly, thanks.

  8. Agreed uncs over time is easily abused and wouldnt make for a balanced market, stuff should be bought and sold as it increases the value of an Unc. The mall should be an option for people who dont want to go search for blocks and whatnot and a to reward people with alot of uncs to spend so they can be lazy if they chose to spend alot of time working and then go sell their wares. On a small side note, Sand is gonna get insane expensive soon if the public area isnt reset or something.

    I don’t like the idea of Uncs per block, I thought about this and figured it would eventually devalue everything, maybe something where we could submit in a picture of something creative we build and are rewarded Uncs to continue our work based on the complexity or astethics. That would probably require more work than you would want though Uncovery. Anyways my 2c.

  9. Lol, Brian. You can’t mine in a game called MINEcraft, focused primarily on mining? Time to save up for a new computer, son.

    Also, that Uncs per block idea will never be put in. Too easily abused (Make a 1×1 tower of sand, 120-ish blocks high, /home to the bottom, put a torch there so all 120 blocks gets destroyed instantly, rinse and repeat. :V)

  10. I think That the earning uncs while logged in was not the best idea ever, because of people who just Afk for 20 min. And the players who have a chance to play for a long period of time earning many uncs.they can then spend money if they want and clear out the mall of items. Therefor leaving people who are away on buisness or vaction with less uncs can not buy resources they need to complete a project. I like the classic block to block trade, as you can trade with players without just wiping out the economy.

    An idea- I still like the “uncs” and therefor have thought of something. Unc, maybe you can find a mod which allows a player to deposit items therefor eanring uncs that way.(ex- deposit 64 wood 10 uncs) . This way we do not have players AFKing . That is just a thought as players could have somewhat of a even money basis. I am thinking of other ideas at the moment which may be possible. I will expand more o nthe ideas later.

    As for the malls- as otheres were saying their lot fell in the very back of the mall , therefor their items dont get sold as much, clogging up the chat dialouge. As for your idea unc, i think a seperate area just for stores is a great idea. Having seperate building labled for ores, tools, weapons….etc would allow everyone a fair advantage of selling what they want. Therefor not having a huge economy difference.

    Thanks for your effort put into this server Uncovery! Your doing a great job.

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