Lots of Stuff fixed

I just updated the server and a lot of plugins. Here are the most obvious fixes:

  • Teleporting works normally now. No more cheese-grater world slices. All back to normal
  • The Chat Channels work again.
  • The Western gate warp is moved so you do not have to take a lava bath when using it.
  • TNT was not blocked. Now fixed too.
  • Probably there is a ton of smaller fixes that I overlooked. There are some in the backend which make my life a bit easier, but nothing dramatic.

Other news / plans:

  • I am still waiting to release the nether and other features. Among others the possibility to reset the public area (or parts of it). It all depends on the WorldGuard plugin being updated. It has about 5 features implemented that I requested. They normally update on the weekend, but nothing happened.
  • The market will be rebuilt I am still pondering what the ideal format for one shop would be. It depends a bit on the protection plugin and how stuff should look like. I have to test it, so do not expect something too soon.

10 thoughts on “Lots of Stuff fixed

  1. Seems the server went down at 6:40 AKST (+9).

    Blocks stopped being placed, so I relogged to get “Timed Out” errors upon logging back in.

  2. what about some larger lots(4×3) in the mall?
    To have actual ‘Shops’ and not just a box with a sign above.

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