Bugs & Future Plans


  • Minecart signs seem to be buggy. I updated the plugins, please tell me if it is fixed now

Planned Features:

  • Reset the Public Area (or parts of it)
  • Remove old users.
  • Reset the lots of removed/inactive users
  • Redesign the mall.
  • Give the outer lots free. This requires the mall to be redesigned first.
  • Make the nether accessible for everyone as a public area or with private lots

Most of these things depend on the “WorldGuard” plugin to be updated to the latest version. From their bugtracker I saw that the features are already implemented, but the plugin has not been tested & released yet. If you want to help, contact the author of the plugin. [Update] I just read some forum comments that the author wanted to release the plugin last weekend. So there is a strong possibility that the plugin will be released this coming weekend finally.[/Update]

9 thoughts on “Bugs & Future Plans

  1. Thanks unc for all your hard work in trying and working on making yhis the best it can be

    • I second that. Awsomeness.

      The Nether!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I know a bug, for some few people(includeing me) useing sings in minecart systems does not work.

    • I have seen that there are some updates to the plugins. I will see if I can upgrade them tonight and then we can check if it is fixed.

  3. Hey unc, is it possible to give us an information when your start resetting the public area? We’d like to save the resources from our buildings.
    thanks alot.

  4. Hope you don’t think I’m inactive, sorry I haven’t been as active but school is taking up a lot of time lately :)

    • Im at school and work during the week so i try to get on as much as i can

  5. For anyone interested, I have put down my bow, Blacknight69 is now the leader of Bears.

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