The new Shop system

I am currently working on the new shop system. I want to give a general overview what it will look like. First of all, for a visual check you can go to the mall where you can see a couple of wooden structures on the left. Each of those is one shop. Once the old shops are gone, I will make more. How will it work?

  • You can “rent” a shop for a time, probably a week at first. It’s “rent” in quotes because it will be free. It’s still renting since you will have to give the shop back after that time. When you rent, you can pick one of the free locations from a web form (like the lot reservation)
  • When the week is over, the shop will be backed up with all its contents. You cannot access the shop then anymore.
  • When you rent another shop (same or different location), the backed up shop will be restored at the chosen location and you can change the contents and get your stuff out.
  • The drawback: The shops do not have chests or similar containers. All works by commands. You can load stuff from your inventory into the shop with a command and the other way round. This allows me to build shops in spawn w/o giving out build permits, which makes everything easier.

I am currently writing the web interface for this. I also need to write the automatic backup and other processes. The flexibility here is the following:

  • I can expand to more shops anytime, very quickly
  • I can change the rental time also very easily

Future Development potentials:

  • I can setup a short-term shop (1hr rental) or even a flexible rental period with a max time later
  • I can give building rights to the shop to allow customization, not sure if this will ever happen however.

I hope I can finish some of the stuff today or tomorrow. Specially the time rental is quite a big piece of work.

6 thoughts on “The new Shop system

  1. Wow, that was much faster than any of us expected, I think. Keep up the good work. <3

  2. Hey guys when I attempt to connect, it says bad login:(

  3. Uncovery, trust me, you are a d4mn good person ;)
    So awesome ;D Thanks for doing all this!!

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