Multiple Lot Reservation active!

As promised, I have now activated the multiple lot reservation. This means that Architects can reserve 2 lots and VIPs can reserve 4 lots. Please go to the “Become a settler” page and choose your additional lots if you are VIP or Architect. Please tell me if everything works fine.

[UPDATE]There was a bug that assigned Settler level to people after the additional lots are approved. Please check, once you get the approval that you have the correct user level and reply to the latest email you got if the bug still persists.[/UPDATE]

Next up: I will go through the user list and find out who has not been online this year, maybe even since end of January and remove the lots from these users. They will not be given out yet since I cannot reset them yet. Once I can do that (this might take a while as it seems), I will also reset those lots. So if you have the chance now to reserve an additional lot, but would like the lot next to you, you will have to wait until I can reset them. Otherwise, please choose any other lot on the map.

As I removed the mall shops for the outer regions, I do not want to give out the outer lots yet. I will try to change the mall system within the weekend, and then give out the outer lots.

19 thoughts on “Multiple Lot Reservation active!

  1. Good for you…..
    BTW I want to tell you something ”onder 2 ogen” :D Is there a way to PM you or something??

  2. unc im in bears group and we have arch rights and stuff but i t says i cant get another lot

    • Yes because you guys get arch status already on the first day you join the server, just for being in the group. this is an extraordinary and actually unfair benefit if you thin about it. I am not sure you guys should ask for more.

  3. So just making this clear only archs and VIPS can reserve and have more lots?

  4. Could loyal settlers reserve an additional lot maybe? =D

    • You mean in CASE you become architect? I am not sure. I do not want to have the whole map full of reserved lots of hopeful settlers…

      • No just as a loyal member, like a certain time active or something

        • I do not have any statistics about how much a user is online or when he logged in the first time.

  5. As an Architect I can tell you that the system works – but it demotes you to settler once the second lot is approved.

  6. well hopefully i can become a architect in the future. because i would really like a second lot.

    Nice feature allows players to spread out and design more creations!

  7. Wonderful I cannot pass the test to get a second lot :(

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