Please test the nether & lag!

I have updated the plugins etc to allow the nether to be there.
Please be aware that it is not possible to place portals in the nether to avoid the destruction of real-world structures with the corresponding gate that would be created. Therefore all the gates in the real world come out at the same one in the nether and there can be only one gate in nether that will always point to spawn.

Also, please tell me if you have lag while people are in the nether. Due to the updates the lag should be gone but I want to make sure.

11 thoughts on “Please test the nether & lag!

  1. ‘..and there can be only one gate in nether that will always point to spawn.’
    Might be, but there yet are 2 (or more) gates. The 2nd gate leads to the ‘Center of the Uncovery Universe’ (located at X0, Y?, Z0).

    • It does not. It leads to the outside of the map which in turn teleports you back to the center of it.

      • Aaaah… So thats why it says ‘You have reached the border’ when teleporting :)

  2. I had no problems moving around in nether or getting back.

    We did just have a read error disconnect. I don’t know if anyone was in the nether or not although a few ppl were talking about it, but I know someone mentioned that using /spawn or /home in the nether could botch the server.

  3. During the week im on very slow internet and had no problemsmgetting around. So where is the old public nether, because i had a chest full of items. If its gone its gone, no big deal, just wondering tho.

  4. Aww no big deal i just wanted the netherrack, but i guess i can get it back. How about the protected and public lots? How is that set up?

  5. I mined it this afternoon. I didn’t lag at all, but I lost health randomly for no reason.

    • i think its the ghasts invisable cannon balls that they have just invented using gunpowder, iron, wool, and MAGICK

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