Area reset FINALLY available

I can now finally go around and reset area to mint-condition status. What does that mean?

  • I can ‘recycle’ lots of inactive users. I will start to do so soon, since there are quite some people that have not been online since last year. most likely I will NOT inform them beforehand since I do not want them to show up once for 5 minutes and then disappear again for 3 months.
  • I can reset the public area. I might reset only a certain portion of it to get some sand back and keep the constructions in the north. I am not sure when I will have time to do this. The mall (almost finished, testing currently) and the cleanout of old lots have priority. I rather clean out old lots and give those out than expanding into the outer lots.
  • I will NOT reset lots at every request. I do not see that I should allow people to get a lot, mine it until all good stuff is in a chest somewhere and then reset it to be able to start over. If you built such great stuff that you run out of space, you better look for people to recommend you as architect – and get a second lot. I will come up with a rule when I allow people to reset their lot. Suggestions are welcome.
  • I still have to go around and pick the reset area by the corners. I cannot just say //regen lot_3a. I have to walk there, pick each corner, and then regenerate the selected area. So it takes time and I do not have a lot of this recently.

7 thoughts on “Area reset FINALLY available

  1. Yay for Uncovery,

    I have a few questions for you,
    what plugin do you use for this,
    and what command is it?

    (I need this)


    • Sem785, the plugin is WorldGuard (I thought).
      BTW; I want to check out your server once in a while, so what is the IP? -Or where can I find it?-

      • EDIT: Found the ip and port, sem, whitelist me!! XD
        -To everybody on Uncovery-
        Ill ben on Sem785’s server when nobody is online, or when I feel like it ^^

    • Worldedit latest version //regen command

      Can you come over and clear your shop in the mall please?

  2. Awesome to hear. I know a lot of ppl were looking forward to getting lots near their current ones that have been “vacated” by their missing owners. I should hope that people wouldn’t expect their lots to be sitting around waiting for them for over 3 months without playing on someone’s personal server, but hey, it wouldn’t shock me either.

    As I have been building more and more, the intricacy of my creations has continued to increase, but I have seen a lot of the excellent constructions other ppl have put their time and effort into and I am astounded! There are some great buildings out there.

    I was hoping to get the lot adjacent to mine (across the tracks) but that would require more people visiting and recommending me to get architect, as well as waiting for the outer lots to open.

    I watched a documentary a year or so ago about a building that is in the planning phase that I’d like to construct so instead of waiting, I’ve been working on starting it in one of my boys’ lots. But if anyone is interested in checking out what I have to recommend me as an architect, I wouldn’t mind giving a tour. I don’t build things large, but I like to use efficiency and include a lot of different things in as small a space as possible.

    It’s late, I’m rambling. Great job, Unc. Keep up the awesome work!

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