Building Contest Finished!

Ok guys, I have FINALLY finished the building contest. Sorry that it took so long! Since I did not want to make you wait any longer, I would like to announce the following:

  • We have one winner!
  • We have 5 additional people who made it into the final round. All of them excelled in creativity, workload, epicness, intricacy and beauty of their build, solely judged on the pictures submitted.
  • We have 4 who made it to the 3rd place
  • We have 3 more who made the 4th place

Due to the difficulties of making 1:1 decision who was a bit better than the other, I refrain from going into a more fine-grained rating

Since you all had to wait so long for it, I want to announce the prices:

  • First price (for the winner): 10 stacks of Diamond AND V.I.P status
  • 2nd price for the 5 finalists: 1 level up (architect or VIP) or (if someone is already VIP) 5 stacks of Diamonds
  • 3rd price for the 4 who got it: 5 stacks of diamond
  • 4th price for participating in the contest: 2 stacks of diamond!

I hope that I made a fair judgement. So here is finally the ranking:

1st price: Plutomaster

2nd price: enkl0001, ladoman, maerdis, sockso, daiyamondo

3rd price: henry_paiste, toktorill, pinebenj

4th price: l02d, lvasold, zootownian

(people in bold collected their rewards already)

Congrats to all the participants! I will distribute the goods and make some kind of hall of fame in spawn when I have time. Please talk to me if the level was not properly updated and to pick up your prizes!

14 thoughts on “Building Contest Finished!

  1. Congratulations plutomaster! An impressive build indeed.

    Thank you uncovery for running this contest.

  2. Congrats Pluto!! A well deserving VIP :D Just like Sockso and Hiosa. Thank you Uncovery for hosting this contest, I very much so enjoyed it.

      • Killen have not seen in ages. I play in a variety of times so it is an random event for me been on. Toktorill is a fun person but you know with his second kid named OSF after me. Sockso was the newest V.I.P until now. Pluto has build well and helped people. So he does deserve. Hiosa is ‘special’ in a good way. And sorry for the typo meant ‘now’ pluto so i apologize. Anyway of late i usually leave the /g channel due to some of the conversations and stay in /v so havn’t seen me around of late

  3. Hey nice i have never won before anewhere;)

    Congratulatios to all!

    Unc, i checked my inv but saw no diamonds :(

    greetz from busy lord ;)

    • He places a chest on your lot with the diamonds. So, you get a free chest too!

      • wtf a free chest?!?!?! w00t
        thats much better as this useless diamonds. ;=)

        so thanks for quick reply ^^

  4. Congratulations to you all that participated. I will wait for the next contest.(I heard that the next contest will be a Roller Coaster/Redstone thing)

  5. Congrats, Pluto. Awesome build. <3

    Also, yay I won!

    Also more: Unc, seems like something wrong, and I lost my title? (I am now known at just Maerdis, not Maerdis [Settler] or anything.)

  6. Congrats to everyone!!!!

    Only if i put my harbour in maybe i wouldve got 4th or something….. Too bad the power was out that weekend:(

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