Shop system up for testing!

Please go to the Money & Trading page and try to reserve a shop. I limited the rental for one hour only right now to test the expiry and the reservation. The rental will remain.

Please report if this works (loading shop, buying from shops, selling to shops etc) here in the comments. Thanks!

4 thoughts on “Shop system up for testing!

  1. I did a 40 minute testing on this, not thorough, though.

    Rented shop 1 for Daiyamondo until Wed, 16 Mar 11 17:05:03 +0000! (did this at 17:00 (+1 hour) My clock is 5 minutes wrong.
    User “/shop reload” to access your shop! (didn’t need to for me)

    “You must be inside a shop to use /shop add”
    “[Shop] You have entered the shop 1”

    Added black wool to shop = Success.
    Removed black wool = Success. (name without spaces)
    Add all = Success.
    Adding with name and quantity = Success.
    Setting buy price = Success.
    Setting sell price = Success.
    Showing list of goods = Success.
    Showing info of shop = Success.
    Setting max stock limit = Success.

    If buying from yourself, you only remove the items
    and the limit is not in effect. -no change in money-

    /shop set buy makes you think you’re buying, but it’s selling actually. Vice versa.
    Kinda confusing. XD

    Walking into an unoccupied shop shows no message, only on occupied.

    Haven’t sold not bought from anyone.

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